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‘Iċ-Ċavett’, a nickname which was given to and adopted by Antoine Azzopardi. A familiar name that brings a story to tell of the current restaurant Antoine runs with such pride and joy. Iċ-Ċavett is very much inspired by the baroque era, and this can't go unnoticed if one had to visit his wonderful restaurant situated within the picturesque l-Imġarr.

‘Iċ-Ċavett Place’, is a clear example of a no pain no gain journey; starting literally from scratch, washing dishes at his uncle's restaurant few meters away from the actual restaurant to successfully making it happen and leading his own business.

Determination was the key to it al!. It's all about doing what you love and loving what you do. ‘Ċavett Place’; a welcoming, heartwarming place that makes the drive up to the quaint village of Mġarr worthwhile. What adds an extra hint of magic to this place is Ċavett himself; his contagious laugh and great knowledge of hospitality is encouraging enough people to visit over and over again. The restaurant's popularity surged, allowing the customers' interest and love for genuine food to crowd every table.

Alvin Grech, Head Chef - “I joined the hospitality industry at a very young age. Taking the passion from my grandfather, helping him at nanna’s kitchen by preparing the majority of dishes from the Maltese cuisine. Working along some of the great chefs around the island, helped me take a lot of experience and building culinary knowledge, also from working in hotels, à la carte and fine dining. After moving to Australia, and worked in some famous well-known restaurants in Melbourne, I decided to move back to Malta.”

How Alvin and Ċavett met - The previous Chef, Karl Micallef, after 4 years as a Head Chef of Ċavett Place, decided to move on for something else by opening Giffy’s Food Truck on the name of Ċavett Place. Karl put an advert for a Head Chef on social media, and after few days Alvin called Karl to apply for the position of a Head Chef at Ċavett Place, which was led to an interview and a trial.

Alvin struke the eyes of Antoine and Karl, and he kept coming for several days. His experience in Australia has led to great advantages and disadvantages, since Antoine thought that he did not have any experience cooking the traditional Rabbit. One day, Sunday lunch, Antoine visited the restaurant where there were few of his friends dining, and they ordered the Rabbits to share between them. Rabbits looked so nice and rich in flavour, that Antoine was very keen to know who cooked the Rabbits. Little did he know, that his current Head Chef cooked them, and from that day onwards, Alvin became Ċavett Place’s Head Chef.

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